Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Why the Name Change?

So those who know me may have noticed the use of the "stage name" Matt Davinci. The name change is personal and came after a series of inner dialogues about whether or not to do it. I won't share everything that lead to this particular name but I can say one thing, I'm not Italian! I am also not near the genius Davinci was for that matter (though like him I do try to stay well rounded). I first thought of it about 6 years ago, in a period of self-exploration. I won't go into everything that lead to the name, but I will say that it involves analyzing several different figures from several different fields. Musicallly, I like names like "Michael Romeo" or "Ritchie Blackmore" or even "Michael Angelo Batio". I thought that there should be a "snap" to my name, unlike my Eastern European given last name. I also thought it would fit a variety of fields and hobbies, whether it'd be stand up comedy, music (of course), or even motivational speaking! Basically anything I ever had an idea of doing, it fits in a catchy way. And also, it can fit styles of music differently. I can sound like some old greaser rockabilly artist with the name (befitting of one of my projects, Midi Warlord/Axxxed) or a neo-classical guitar shredder. So that kind of sums up the idea of the name itself. As far as changing it in the first place, its kind of a break from the past. A past in a life I'm trying to grow from in ways that I hadn't when I was younger. I don't like to volunteer my age either, but I like to live in "my own reality" where I can be and pursue what I want while free from scorn from others. I also thought, it can make me think of things differently, without the mistaken way I used to think of myself getting in the way, or the ways I thought of things. Its not a knock at my family or anything of that sort. It just hopefully points to a bigger and brighter future with no limits and a huge variety of pursuits.

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