Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Gremlins 2- The New Blog - Electric Boogaloo

So I decided the other day I wanted to blog more of my inner thoughts and feelings, and also delve into controversial matters, or a lot of weird and unusual subjects. So I am starting this blog. I have another blog (mattowarrior's metal madness) and am also trying to do some SEO websites for a (hopefully) fledging SEO career to (FINALLY) get me out of cubicle hell, but this blog is going to be more personal and more "for fun". Of course, I'll have google adsense installed, blah blah blah. But the expectations are not there for any kind of "success" (whatever that means) or even subscribers. Just room for me to bullshit and pontificate some pretentious crap for you (the reader) to ingest. Who knows though, I could do interviews or start talking about crypto zoology or something. I know I will talk about religion and politics and the esoteric in ways that hopefully will make this blog interesting. So without further adieu, here's my blog.

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