Thursday, May 1, 2014

If I can make a woman laugh...

Its 2 in the morning and I am blogging on here..I probably drank a bit too much coffee again yesterday. Anyway, I have been thinking of past relationships and what I valued within them. There are a few reasons that I will not share on here that are the reason I've been single for a little over a year. I would rather not go into the circumstances related to this, but I believe now that I can say that I'm going to be dating soon again. I can't really say what my best relationship has been so far. I think back to John Cusack movies such as High Fidelity, and the whole idea of "ranking" them seems silly. But I think right now I look back and realize that, if I can make a woman laugh, and not in a way AT me obviously, its a real turn on. I think relationships are at their best when the parties involved can bring out the best in each other. I remember moments where I was not at my best in past relationships, and while it was not the other's fault a lot of the time, seeing as how those said relationships didn't last I can see where it may had not been right in the first place. But certain aspects of relationships past were right. And I think part of this is related to chemistry. Being able to talk about things in an open manner, and being able to talk in general is a must for me. I can say that some relationships were basically me feeling like I was talking to a wall, or just someone who habored a lot of negativity, etc. I also value those I can make laugh with my jokes and I can stimulate in that manner. If someone doesn't get my humor, its not an affront to me as a person or anything, but it certainly helps. I enjoy people in general who can bring things out of me. I like feeling relaxed and calm, but for someone to keep me on my toes in a good way is a sign of what I look back on as good memories. This doesn't mean drama, usually the drama was a result of me not feeling it. Feeling the dread of not feeling full attraction or commitment and having it come out in bad ways.

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